RSM Motion Analysis Clinical Massage

The best massage treatment is one that treats muscle tension by identifying the pain.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • I notice that sometimes there are aches and pains in my body when I do specific movement
  • I want to work with someone who is an expert with clinical massage treatment
  • I want to know why these issues occur from a clinical standpoint
  • I would like to learn how to prevent these issues from happening again
  • I am interested in getting world class clinical treatment at a fraction of the price
  • I would like to go over my entire body and see if there are other issues that can be causing discomfort

1. An in depth look at your Body and History

Our treatment begins with taking a look at past issues (injuries, accidents) you may have had and how your body is feeling at the moment. Once we acknowledge where impairments lie, we determine whether the source of the pain is in the same region, or whether the cause of the pain is found elsewhere (reference pain).

Poor posture and movement are often caused by muscle imbalances and faulty movement patterns. This would lead your body to have swelling and irritation of the associated soft tissue, nerves, and joints.

Through motion analysis clinical massage, your body is naturally re-educated to have a neutral position by highlighting imbalances. This will help not only to prevent strain or overuse problems, but also to have better posture and movement for everyday life and activities.

2. Treatment focused on the type and area of body impairment

Once we determine the causes and location of the pains and issues, Hironori will use the best treatment technique to reduce the pain in the designated area and also treat the cause of the pain to ensure that the treatment is improving the patient’s overall wellbeing

By using Motion Analysis Clinical Massage, we combine trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, and stretching. This allows posture and movements to be properly realigned.

As a result, bones and joints are kept in the correct alignment so that your muscle tension and pain will be released. This component of the massage is tailored to your body and issues to improve each body part’s movement and mobility.

3. Preventative Actions to Prevent Further Injury

After the session, Hironori will explain the issue and determine whether it is caused by habits of the patient or was caused by events and would need further treatment. Exercises and stretches may be given for home use if Hironori believes common habits encourage the impairment. If the issue is serious, further appointments can be made.

The last part that RSM international Massage academy & treatment facility focuses on for Clinical Massages for our patients is preventative measures to ensure the treatment moves your mobility in a progressive direction. In addition to going over reasons why the impairments are caused in the first place, we will also teach techniques on stretches that can be done at home to keep all body parts aligned.

In addition, we will assess your lifestyle and make recommendations on what should change and how to maintain balance throughout the day. Our practice invests in client health through both in-person treatment and teaching habits that will ensure these impairments will either never come back or will become much more manageable for the patient.

  • Motion Analysis Clinical Massage (90 Minute)
    Approximately Includes Pain Analysis and Treatment Includes Diagnosis on Area of Discomfort
  • 4 Days Basic Remedial Massage Course - Motion Analysis Clinical Massage
    Approximately Includes Pain Analysis and Treatment Includes Diagnosis on Area of Discomfort