RSM Clinical Massage Academy Courses

Enhance your massage technique with an anatomical focus.

Choosing the Right Course

Beginner's Course

  • I know the basics for a massage, but I do not know about the human anatomy
  • I would like to know what specifically is causing my client's pain
  • I would like to understand which massage technique is best for that issue and how to administer it
  • I would like to learn how to prevent these issues from happening again
  • I would like to learn the basics of fixing posture and improving my client's movement
  • I want to be able to anatomically explain why my client is experiencing their issues

Advanced Course

  • I would like to learn advanced techniques and positions to treat complex impairments (deep tissue friction)
  • I am interested in educating my client about their problems and their causes
  • I would like to learn about all body impairments and which technique is best for each
  • I would like to correct my client's kinetic movement into the best position possible
  • I would like each appointment my client has to make their movement more efficient

How We Teach & How You Learn

Application of massage techniques on the human body

During the last step of the Clinical Analysis Massage Courses, Hironori will demonstrate the application of the massage techniques taught on the corresponding human body. Once the technique is administered and shown, students will have the opportunity to try the techniques on partners while under the guidance and supervision of Hironori.

Dissecting different body impairments and the correct massage technique

Once we determine the causes and location of the pains and issues, Hironori will use the best treatment technique to reduce the pain in the designated area and also treat the cause of the pain to ensure that the treatment is improving the patient’s overall wellbeing

By using Motion Analysis Clinical Massage, we combine trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, and stretching. This allows posture and movements to be properly realigned.

As a result, bones and joints are kept in the correct alignment so that your muscle tension and pain will be released. This component of the massage is tailored to your body and issues to improve each body part’s movement and mobility.

Misaligned posture causes stiff muscles and trigger points in the body. In this course, we study how to assess misaligned posture by using palpation and anatomical knowledge. By using the clinical massage technique, we utilize trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, and stretching to help teach how to align into optimal posture.

This will allow correct positioning of the bones and joints, reducing muscle tension and pain and allowing the entire massage to progress to your client’s improved wellness.

Enhance your Massage technique with an Anatomical Focus

Combining many recreational activities with knowledge of sports medicine, the courses begin by comparing and contrasting parts of the human body. Hironori will first discuss muscles, tendons, joints, and systems within the body. Afterwards, the course will move towards the massage techniques used between all parts, why they differ, and the irregularities to look out for to help treat and relax your client.


Poor posture and movement are often caused by muscle imbalances and faulty movement patterns. This will lead your body to have swelling and irritation of the associated soft tissue, nerves, and joints. By implementing clinical massages, your body is naturally re-educated to have a neutral position. This will help not only to prevent strain or an overuse problems, but also to have better posture and movement in many activities. Throughout the Clinical Massage course, posture is dramatically improved and allows patients to have pain-free movement in your body.

  • Private Lesson for Advanced Massage Therapist / Physiotherapist(2.5 hours )
    Approximately ฿1800 Includes Upper Body Massage Technique Breakdown Includes Upper Body Human Anatomy Breakdown Focuses on Theory, Case Studies, and Student Trial Period
  • Introduction to Functional Anatomy for Massage Therapists / Sports Trainers
    Approximately ฿4,800 Includes Upper Body Massage Technique Breakdown Includes Upper Body Human Anatomy Breakdown Focuses on Theory, Case Studies, and Student Trial Period
  • Basic Functional Anatomy for YOGI / Dancers - 4Days Basic Course
    Approximately ฿4,800 Includes Upper Body Massage Technique Breakdown Includes Upper Body Human Anatomy Breakdown Focuses on Theory, Case Studies, and Student Trial Period
RSM international Massage academy & treatment facility’s mission was always to ensure the highest quality of teaching was given to students interested in the art of Clinical Massages. This is why our class sizes are limited to 7 people.

Please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Our courses are taught in smaller classes than other schools to ensure each student gets the right amount of time learning, trying for themselves, and having 1-on-1 with the instructor, Hironori. Spots fill up fast so please sign up as soon as possible.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our courses were created by professional Massage Therapists and Instructors with over 25 years experience. The techniques we teach are used and taught at Universities and Practices throughout the world. If for any reason you are not satisfied in the course after the first class, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.