RSM Balance Ball Yoga Instructor Course

The best yoga sessions are those that treat your body and mind.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • I am interested in elevating my yoga experience by including anatomical methods
  • I want to enjoy doing yoga while improving my body mobility
  • I would like to fix the imbalances in my movement and find the causes
  • I understand that body care and mobility can be just as important as exercise
  • I want to make my body movement the most fluid and efficient

How It Works

Requirements and Uses of the Certificate

Accredited Balance Ball Yoga instructors are required to completely master 60 Balance Ball exercises with the knowledge of sports medicine. This would allow them to work under the direction of a Sports Gym, Yoga studio, or Hospital to provide optimal health care to improve a client’s posture and movement.

Dynamic Posture Screening for Identifying Imbalances

Founded by Hironori Ikeda, Balance Ball Yoga is a set of dynamic exercises and stretches that improves posture and joint movement. Taught in over 20 countries by 70+ instructors, utilizing Balance Balls during Yoga allows all users to extend their posture and expand support throughout the spine.

Increase Your Musculoskeletal Skill Set by becoming an accredited Instructor

The Accredited Balance Ball Yoga Instructor training course is designed to prepare you for instructing others for improving their posture and movement. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to help others through the practice and philosophy of Balance Ball Yoga.

  1. Offer the Balance Ball Yoga Course with the correct licensing and certificate.
  2. Perform the 60 Balance Ball exercises with the knowledge of sports medicine.
  3. Analyze students’ unnatural postures and faulty movement patterns through knowledge of sports medicine and instruct how to optimize for better posture and movement.


  • Official Balance Ball Yoga Instructor Certification Course (10 Days)
    Approximately $ 910 / ฿ 29,800 Includes Official Licensing and Certification Complete Course with Technique and 60 Exercises Includes Full Range of Anatomical Knowledge