RSM Balance Ball Yoga Classes & Courses

The best yoga sessions are those that treat your body and mind.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • I am interested in elevating my yoga experience by including anatomical methods
  • I want to enjoy doing yoga while improving my body mobility
  • I would like to fix the imbalances in my movement and find the causes
  • I understand that body care and mobility can be just as important as exercise
  • I want to make my body movement the most fluid and efficient

How It Works

Balance Ball Yoga is a new and innovative method for body and mind wellness

Founded by Hironori Ikeda, Balance Ball Yoga is a set of dynamic exercises and stretches that improves posture and joint movement. Taught in over 20 countries by 70+ instructors, utilizing Balance Balls during Yoga allows all users to extend their posture and expand support throughout the spine.

Balance Ball Yoga has been developed as a posture improvement method with a sports medicine focus from the past 20 years. All the exercises in Balance Ball Yoga utilize a wide range of muscles with an emphasis on having a neutral spine position. While the posture focuses on posture, you will learn how to use all parts of your body equally and effectively.

Dynamic Posture Screening for Identifying Imbalances

During your Balance Ball Yoga lesson, We analyze your posture and movements with a sports medical point of view. From there, we identify the imbalances by looking at your musculoskeletal complaints, as well as assess your movement impairments and discuss how this is affecting your activities of daily living and sports performance. This will allow us to help guide your next step to improve posture and movement.


Lessons start at either 9:00am or 5:00pm – 60 min class with 15 min dynamic posture screen

Monday         Spine coordination for qualified posture & movement
Tuesday        Pelvis stabilization for Spine coordination
Wednesday   Hip joint and spine coordination for yoga & sports
Thursday      Shoulder movement for elegant posture & movement
Friday           Dynamic Fluid Movement to enhance performance

Students may come any day they wish for the 5 day package.

Increase Your Musculoskeletal Skill Set by becoming an accredited Instructor

The Accredited Balance Ball Yoga Instructor training course is designed to prepare you for instructing others for improving their posture and movement. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to help others through the practice and philosophy of Balance Ball Yoga.

Accredited Balance Ball Yoga instructors are required to completely master important 60 Balance Ball exercises focused on sports medicine. They will be able to work under the direction of a Sports Gym, Yoga studio, and Hospital to provide optimal health care to improve client’s posture and movement. Accredition will also allow you to offer Balance Ball Yoga basic lessons with the official certificate.

A strong desire to help others with their posture and movement is the most important requirement for aspiring instructors. An Instructor would focus on addressing the individual students’ unique needs by using a compassionate approach.

We welcome all students who wish to become accredited Balance Ball Yoga instructors and use the Balance Ball Yoga methods within their professional practice.

  • Balance Ball Yoga Dynamic Posture Screening Class (1 Day)
    Approximately $ 9.20 / € 7.80 One Day x 75 Minute Class Includes Balance Ball Yoga Class Includes Dynamic Posture Screening Focuses on Corresponding Region for that Day Learn New Yoga Stretches for Motion Wellness
  • Balance Ball Yoga Class 5 Days
    Approximately $ 36.80 / € 31.20 5 Days x 60 Minute Classes ( 2 sessions will be Dynamic Posture Screening) Includes Balance Ball Yoga Class Includes Dynamic Posture Screening Focuses on Corresponding Region for that Day Learn New Yoga Stretches for Motion Wellness